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walther pps vs ppq The PPQ M2 has mag release in grip not like PPS 9mm . Mar 23 2018 Walther PPS M2 Build Built very similarly to the PPQ and comparable to the Glock 43 the Walther PPS M2 is unpredictably ergonomic for a compact single stack pistol. It really bothered me. For the best concealed carry holsters in America look no further than CrossBreed Holsters for your Walther PPQ SC I own a Walther PPQ 9MM for over a couple years now. Walther PPS vs PPS M2 The PPS M2 differs from the PPS Classic in a number of ways. Jul 20 2015 Walther has two very different entries in the subcompact pistol category. The styling is elegant and trim. 97 Visit Us. When the PPS had the 6 round mag in it it was the same size as the other two with 7 rounds. 75 pounds empty which is light for a . To me it seems like an upgraded PPX. Let the mission drive the gear train choose nbsp The Walther PPS M2 is here to stay so you may as well know everything it NEXT GET 100 OFF A WALTHER PPQ OR PPS WITH THIS HOT SUMMER DEAL. I sent it off to Walther and they repaired it confirming that there was an issue. 75 Brand Walther Item Number 2795400 Walther CCP 9mm Apr 25 2018 The Walther PPQ M2 is a semi automatic striker fired pistol designed for law enforcement security and civilian shooters as a replacement for the Walther P99. 99 Notify Me When Available Jun 16 2016 I have a couple of PPQ Classics and a VP9. 99 Walther PPQ M2 9mm Black Centerfire Pistol 629. WALTHER PPQ. 8 inches. quot The Walther PPQ M2 is a full sized ergonomic semi auto pistol that points on target quickly and shoots fast making it an ideal personal defense handgun. I own a couple of other manufacturer s picks as well. 25 can make a significant difference in the amount of effort it takes to conceal depending on your body type size and how you dress. The Walther PPS M2 9mm Pistol is designed with 3 dot low profile metal sights with a windage adjustable rear sight screw. Walther PPS M2 9mm Luger 469. While similar in size weight and purpose the two guns are about as different in the manual of arms and feel as can be. Does the Walther PPS Classic still stack up Walther PK380 Cerakoted using Bazooka Pink Wild Purple and Frost middot Multi color Walther PPQ Cerakoted using Zombie Green Prison Pink and Polar Blue. The CCP appears to be a rather problematic firearm. The PPQ M2 is a striker fired pistol with a short smooth trigger pull and quick reset. Feb 12 2016 Last year Wather released the CCP a single stack 9mm that looks and feels like the Walther PPQ a full size double stack 9mm that is one of the best options available in a full size gun. Both are really excellent well made pistols ideally suited for concealed carry. I started with a PPQ M2 then added the smaller PPS M2 and finally a PPQ SC. The button mag release on the M2 is contrasted with the trigger guard lever on the VP9. Walther PPS M2 MagGuts High Capacity Magazine Conversion Converts your 6 round Walther PPS M2 9mm magazine into a 7 round magazine without extension. 5 inch 1 10 twist barrel it 39 s a full 3 ounces lighter than the PPQ at 21 ounces. 0 Major Differences So on paper we ve got two compact single stack 9mm polymer frame striker fired pistols from two of the world s most famous handgun manufacturers. Sure the PPQ has a consistent and still really nice trigger pull from the first shot to the last but the single action mode of the P99 A S trigger is still better IMO. The Walther PPQ M2 and HK VP9 are similar with minor feature variances. This magazine fits Walther PPQ M1 Classic firearms that are chambered in 9mm. Glocks are essentially reliable Kel Tecs that cost twice as much. Is this discontinued I 39 m not familiar with the Walther community to know if this is an aberration and they 39 ll be back in stock or some other thing is going on. Walther makes some outstanding high quality German pistols that are made in their Ulm plant in Germany such as the PPS PPQ and P99. WAREHOUSE Walther PPQ M1 9MM 5 quot Barrel White Gold 15 1 2826721 Oct 12 2018 The PPQ Q4 TAC has all the improved features of Walther s M2 series. In the past I have reviewed the PPQ M2 5 inch full size and the 4 inch compact size models and liked them so much that I bought both. The Walther PPS M2 Entirely Improved The M2 does not have the excellent trigger found in some of Walther s other striker fired guns like the PPQ but its trigger is certainly not bad Walther Arms 2796627 3 Dot Night Sights Walther P99 PPQ PPS Phospor Black. However that doesn t mean it will not work for you. I would have given a second thought about my 365 purchase if I had known about the PPS M2 Shield deal. In fact both barrels measure right around 4 inches with overall lengths of a little more than 7 inches. M2 ambidextrous magazine release as on other Walther pistols like the P99 PPS and P22. quot The centerfire PPQ M2s come with interchangeable backstraps in three different sizes small medium and large but the rimfires do not. 28 Sep 2020 The PPQ is a double stack and the PPS is a single stack with 10 and 7 round capacities respectively. The Taylor Freelance PPQ 6 transforms your PPQ into a serious Limited Carry Optics or 3 gun competitive machine while still fitting the 140mm magazine gauge. I really like this one and I shoot it well. Walther PPS M2 vs S amp W Shield M2. The size weight capacity and trigger on the P365 puts it above the others you mentioned. 22 LR 9mm Luger . Feb 25. to 2ZuOXSp Camera 2 Nikon D3300 https amzn. The factory PPQ sight has a windage screw for retention and adjustment ability. 3 inches and the distance from the trigger to the backstrap is 2. 99. quot The other principal difference between previous Walther DA SA system like the P99 and the first PPQ series is the use of an SAO trigger incorporating a blade type safety. Dec 04 2014 The PPQ M2 comes standard with two 15 round magazines gun lock mag loader lockable hard case and Walther s lifetime warranty. Using a 1. I think it was a big step back for them to do this on such a well selling gun. If you have a reliable Walther PPQ in need of a magazine that will stand out as the best of its class this is it. Walther PPS M2 LE 9mm 3. Jan 17 2016 The PPS M2 will be available in . Last year Walther addressed those issues with the updated PPS M2. 3 thickness vs. 6 pound trigger pull nbsp 6 Jan 2014 Walther vs Springfield. 45 but have never handled a S amp W M amp P . 2 Cleaning 28 6. 67. Have handled a CCP and a Creed in 9mm but never a Walther PPQ in 9mm or . The pistol features a cocking indicator a loaded chamber viewport front and rear slide serrations a slide stop and a thumb operated magazine release. as well as the Q5 and PPS M2 and CCP plus the P22 and the PPQ trigger is an absolute dream. The 1 Magazine Extension is coming soon. These two 9mm pistols come with very similar dimensions. Similar yes but that nbsp 14 Jun 2012 Anyone here own both the PPS and the PPQ The PPS has a little nub similar to a Glock whereas the PPQ has the very PPS vs G43. Sponsored by Walther Arms. 67 Pocket Aholster 39. When it comes to build type operating system feature set and magazine capacity the PPQ SC and the P365 are pretty much on par with each other. I posted this over at the Walther Forum but PPQ vs. Better grip no funky blackstrap to lose or fall off rendering the gun unable to fire. 3oz. Length 6. May 14 2013 The PPQ M2 differs from the modern PP in trigger function where after you load the chamber it features a constant trigger pull Walther s terminology . 37. Sized perfectly between the PPQ and PPS M2 the PPQ SC features a barrel offering more velocity than the PPS M2 but more conceal ability than the PPQ. Walther PPQsc vs Walther PPS M2. Aug 01 2020 The Walther PPQ. 99 Item Number 2796333 Walther PPQ M2 9mm Black Centerfire Pistol 599. Despite the barrel 39 s apparent length it is still considered small in size nbsp 14 Feb 2016 Walther P99c vs. The Walther PPQ 45 39 s polymer frame is almost identical to the last P99 model. The PPS was probably number 2 for me. Some Shields have a very gritty trigger and some don 39 t. Similar yes but that . Apr 05 2012 Each Walther PPQ comes with two magazines and a speed loader. Only if Walther backpedaled off of their initial stance that quot it 39 s normal quot for the few unlucky owners that had to experience that materials FUBAR both with the PPS M2 and PPQ 45. Walther redesigned it 39 s magnificent polymer pistol with an American style magazine release. The hinged trigger is annoying but Aug 27 2020 Walther PPS Holster The Competitors. 1 Stripping reassembly of main assemblies PPQ 4 quot 5 quot 25 26 5. If you 39 re starting to look outside Glock Springfield and S amp W for a polymer framed striker fired slightly compact gun the PPQ should be the top of your list because it 39 s excellent. Jun 19 2014 Walther calls it quot Cross Directional Textured Tactical Grip. The Walther PPQ M2 Q4 TAC pistol comes factory issued with a thread protector. For that reason I would recommend buying one only if you are able to assess the grittiness factor before purchase. The PPQ M2 lacks a double action mode. Jul 11. Make Offer Green Laser Sight for Walther CCP M2 P99 P99c PPX PK380 P22 PPQ quot PPS quot w RAIL Viridian Weapon Technologies Essential Red Laser Sight for Walther CCP 912 0010 99. These red dots cost 400 so for the 650 I have seen these guns sell for it s a solid deal. Sep 28 2017 I 39 ve shot the Walther P22 and found it very nice except for the mag release. The centerfire PPQ M2s have three safeties the trigger safety an internal firing pin block and a magazine safety. I am completely indifferent to a paddle mag release vs a button on those guns. The rest is different. I currently own a Walther PPQ Q5 Match. 00 WALTHER PPKS 380 EXCELLENT IN BOX Land O Lakes 500. Dimensionally the M2 series are similar to the original PPS variants. Jun 27 2017 The beretta APX and CZ P10c are stock The Walther PPQm2 has a APEX Flatty and the 3. The PPQ Sub Compact features the signature Walther ergonomics plus the fantastic Quick Defense trigger which has a 5. May 02 2018 Pick up a Walther Arms PPS Magazine for your pistol to stay prepared and ready for what life throws at you next. Jul 03 2018 Walther PPQ SC vs Sig Sauer P365. 45ACP Including PPQ Navy SD PPQ Exclusions PPQ Sub Compact The design of this slide is quite different than the 4 and 5 PPQ s. The particular pistol to which I refer is the Walther PPS which stands for Police Pistol Slim. The ZeeSpring is an application specific Walther PPQ SC LNIB St Johns 0. Wish granted by the Alien Gear as they have this Core Carry Kit Holster. 00 379. While they do have some common attributes and characteristics they do have some differences that will help you distinguish one from the other. Good to know. My kahr cw 9 IWB or ankle. As a guy that has looked at all of the current genre of small single column 9 mm Luger pistols in 5. . I was so impressed with it I traded in my Glock 19 for a 4 PPQ also with paddle release as I love that and operate it with my middle finger . CZ 82 the Milsurp 007 Would Love. It also provides a slight palm swell and shallow finger grooves to give the pistol a big gun feel without giving it big gun bulk. com Dec 07 2017 Settling between the Walther PPQ vs VP9 is the devil 39 s own job because each of the pistols has almost identical specifications. Jun 19 2014 According to Walther trigger travel of the centerfire PPQ M2 is just 0. This conversions features our novel ZeeSpring technology. Jun 11 2020 Walther is the performance leader in the firearms industry. Specifications Weight 21 Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove for S amp W M amp P Shield Ruger SR22 Walther PPS Taurus PT740 PT709. Renowned throughout the world for its innovation since Carl Walther and his son Fritz created the first blow back semi automatic pistol in 1908. This was the best group with the PPQ at 20 yards. 00 359 . Imagine my surprise when I went to pick up a Walther at the gun store and learned that there were 3 for me to take home and review The PPS M2 is the thinnest of the bunch measuring a mere 1 inch width. Please check back or drop Debbie a message to get on our waiting list at debbie gallowayprecision. Or maybe it is depends. Walther Arms PPQ M2 Double Action 9mm 5 15 1 Black Polymer Grip By adding this item to your WishList you will be notified automatically via email when this item 39 s price has dropped. Namely Purchase Walther firearms at Guns. The PPS is awesome. 6 pound trigger pull and smooth audible resets. 2 Stripping reassembly of main assemblies PPQ TACTICAL with silencer adapter 26 27 5. 45 ACP and you 39 d be hard pressed to tell it apart from the Creed at first glance. Just so I can be a little more educated the next nbsp 23 Aug 2015 Modern full size pistols like the PPQ and PPX are well respected combat grade handguns. The HK VP9 has the following upgrades a threaded barrel Hienie High profile night sights and a Lobos trigger spring upgrade and full polish job Ammo used today was Winchester White box and some reloads. I had a chance to shoot one and make a few comparisons to the for Sep 28 2010 The PPQ is a double stack and the PPS is a single stack with 10 and 7 round capacities respectively. Impact Guns is the gun shop for all your shooting needs. This mount now comes with a set screw allowing it to be used with the friction fit dovetails. Today the innovative spirit builds off the invention of the concealed carry gun with the PPK series by creating the PPQ PPS and Q5 Match Green Laser Sight for Walther CCP M2 P99 P99c PPX PK380 P22 PPQ quot PPS quot w RAIL 4. Oddly enough the trigger is advertised as heavier at 5. Walther Q5 Match optics ready Any Walther model that comes with the standard sights that have the detent will work with this mount. Instead set screws and thread locker are used to retain the sight. It is a terrific pistol and has more five star reviews than any pistol I have ever seen at the various vendors including Buds and Grabagun. And there you have it. Our rods are measured to factory specification and we ensure the finest fit and finish on all of our parts. It is my understanding that the ATF technical staff was the one responsible for designating the quot safe action quot style found on Glocks and similar handguns as DAO. The Walther PPK is made in the USA and chambered in 22LR or 380 ACP with the classic 1931 design made famous throughout history. Barrel choices include 4 quot 4. Reason enough for all4shooters. fist ultra thin kydex is my favorite holster style Favorite range gun for the money CZ 75B or STI Spartan V 9mm Aug 15 2017 In fact I had on hand a Walther PPQ in. Walther brought the PPS to market about 8 years ago. May 26 2019 I have 3 9mm Walthers all of which I am very happy with. The biggest difference is in the trigger guard The PPQ has a squared trigger guard with a serrated face whereas the Creed has a smooth rounded trigger guard. CP99 Loading the CO2 in the CP99 is the same as a self contained CO2 BB magazine only without the BBs. The frame has a squared triggerguard with a set of serrations and a finger hook which is right out of the era of a quot Miami Vice. sounds like the Walther PPQ is a bulkier pistol with a higher slide amp bore axis and it tends to jump more during rapid fire and doesnt handle as well as the G19 or M amp P 2. 4. The PPS M2 made quite a buzz early in 2018 when Walther released the first of its kind a single stack with a red dot already in place. PPS is smaller thinner and lighter. Which . Jun 14 2015 I own both a Sheild and PPS in 9mm. They hold the same number of rounds and they basically cost the same amount of money to buy. This is a good thing because those ergonomics were almost 15 years in the making. PPQ M1 mags will only work with the M1 PPQ classic firearm which has a lever release on the trigger guard. Any one know of a barrel maker that makes barrels for the PPQ. Big edge to the VP9. Walther PPQ M2 Magazine . From CA compliant pistols to tactical AR 15 rifles Walther 22 firearms cover all the bases with superior quality and reliable performance you can count on when it matters most. The Walther PPQ M1 with the European mag release paddles on the tigger guard or the M2 with the push button mag release quot The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference they deserve a place of honor with all that 39 s good. Inside the slide the PPQ uses a striker system and when I took it apart which is easy to do I found the breechface had an extractor and a breechface adapter both marked quot 9mm. No official word from Walther but I would be astonished if they ever make the PPS M2 with a paddle release. Rating 99 . Dependability I havent shot the Vp9 much but I have lost all faith in walther firearms I have owned 4 Walthers 3 ppqs and a pps and 2 of of the 3 had major issues and would have to be shipped back to Smith and Wesson. This was one of the air pistol s most exciting features 18 years ago because the CO2 magazine could be used for reload training even though there was nothing one could do but drop the magazine and load another. The PPQ has interchangeable backstraps but the Vp9 has interchangeable backstraps and side panels. 40 pistols. level 2 May 17 2019 HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ. I have shot my dads PPQ and I don 39 t nbsp 45 for the new walther ppq 45 Sight Mount like other current red dot mounts replaces your handgun s We also got to check out the new Walther PPS M2 slimline single stack 9mm sub compact pistol with a Jul 04 2018 Walther PPQ SC vs. Building on the success of their iconic P38 and PPK series of pistols Walther is quickly becoming one of the market leaders of the new century with popular new striker fired guns like the polymer framed PPQ Police Pistol Quick the impressive concealment ready subcompact PPS Police Pistol Slim and the new budget friendly Walther Walther PPS M2 vs M amp P9 Shield Similarities and Differences We ll now be taking a look at the similarities and differences between these two pistols. quot The selection of Walther 22LR for sale includes weapons for concealed carry competition and self defense. It would take a better shooter than me to say one shoots more accurately than the others. PPK S There are several variants of the Walther PP pistols and keeping up with them can get confusing real fast. Thanks everyone for helping me spend money In this video I compare the size of a Glock subcompact G27 to the new Walther PPS. Do have a new Shield PC . But the PPQ is a different animal. Designed for ease of use and reliability our Walther Conversion barrel simply requires the swap of a barrel and magazine. Jan 23 2018 Slightly longer slide than the PPS M2. 22 LR pistols. Some recognize this single action striker fired trigger as the best available now. Walther Arms offers several compact concealed carry firearm options for women which include the CCPM2 the PPQ sub compact and this one the PPS M2 LE Edition. May 27 2015 The Walther PPQ air pistol is a great value at the Street Price of 65. It contours the hand like no ones business whereas the PPS is a thin little graham cracker of a gun . The PPS replaced my PPK S as my carry gun this year. 40 cal later this year I hear. Handgun Search Tabletop Compare PPS M2 . Oh yes the gun flags you when the chamber is loaded by exposing a red rectangle at the rear of the extractor. A slim profile the push button magazine release smooth trigger pull and Carl Walther 39 s signature ergonomics deliver the features that you want from Walther and are housed in a Installed on a Walther PPQ M2 9MM 4 quot and using the same sight picture as the stock polymer sights I 39 m now impacting 3 4 quot low. Jan 22 2018 Also available is the Walther PPQ M2 Q4 TAC pistol basically the same handgun but equipped with a 4. As the name suggests this is a smaller sized version of the PPQ. 99 Item Number 2795400 Walther PPS M2 9mm LE Edition with Night Sights 479. 2 Sight 30 7. The Walther PPQ is a semi automatic pistol made by Walther Arms. Check to compare Walther PPQ M2 Subcompact 9mm Magazine 10 Rounds. 40 ArmaLaser GTO FLX42 WALTHER A match quality barrel made from gun barrel certified 4140 steel and heat treated to 40 42RC. 16 inch of travel. SPECIAL ACCESSORIES 31 8. Aug 05 2016 Check the Walther forum. Sep 09 2014 The Walther PPK S was the only Walther product I d ever owned or shot until I had a chance to test the new 9mm Walther PPQ M2. Range ready out of the box the Q5 Steel Frame is a 42 ounce optics and race ready Jun 28 2017 The PPS M2 LE Edition which is the version Walther loaned us to review includes those two magazines in addition to an 8 round mag. Thread Tools When looking for a high quality holster for Walther PPQ M2 9mm the best choice comes from the one that conforms to the users needs and preference. See full list on gunnewsdaily. 4 in PPQ SC . 99 Notify Me When Available Walther PPS M2 Magazine 9mm 7 Rounds. 98. The thing is all three are well made reliable with excellent reputations. Walther Arms 2796686 PPQ 40 S amp W PPQ M2 11rd Black Detachable. 45 ACP version has polygonal rifling whereas the others have traditional land and groove rifling. Several states restrict mags with capacities of 11 or more rounds. 40cal and . 98 56. For all its cool features the PPQ is not a brand new design. 40 S amp W and. 22 LR rimfire sensibilities. The kit uses your existing magazine tube lock plate and base plate while replacing the follower and spring with MagGuts components. As a guy that has looked at all of the current genre of small single column 9 mm Luger pistols in Dec 14 2015 Unlike the PPQ which went through M1 and M2 versions focused on the magazine catch the Walther CCP comes ready with an American style magazine catch which is a button behind the triggerguard. Both of these handguns would make a nice concealed carry choice but there are sev Mar 12 2018 To the delight of Walther fans the manufacturer has brought out a subcompact version of its classic pistol for 2018 the PPQ SC. Oct 10 HK VP9 vs Sig P320 vs Walther PPQ Ultimate Striker Fired Pistol. Those include three interchangeable backstraps a reversible push button style magazine release a Picatinny frame rail a precocked trigger a loaded chamber indicator front and rear slide serrations and an ambidextrous oversized slide stop. Walther as a brand has not had quite the fan base as other manufacturers. 6 quot threaded or 5 quot . The new Walther also has a MIL SPEC Picatinny rail for attaching accessories such as a light or laser. 00 Walther PPS M2 Ammo Port Charlotte 425. Last year Walther brought out the CCP which had better accuracy and a fantastic grip but had a pretty bad trigger and was a pain to disassemble and put back together. They have the best triggers on any striker fired piece. My comment may not be germane to the PPS but I 39 ve owned a PPQ M1 for nbsp The Walther PPK is a smaller version of the original PP in terms of the grip 39 s size and frame. The trigger is phenomenally friendly to the shooter and allows for extreme user accuracy. 18 quot 6 1 7 1 8 In this video I compare the size of a Glock subcompact G27 to the new Walther PPS. what do you want it for Oct 12 2018 The PPQ Q4 TAC has all the improved features of Walther s M2 series. As mentioned above the PPQ is essentially the P99 only with the same trigger pull for each shot called the Quick Defense trigger by Walther which is like the Glock. I assure you it is not. Unlike the Mar 30 2012 A more fair comparison would be to the S amp W M amp P Pro 4. The PPS became my main carry gun because of its size but I replaced it with the SC. We manufacture these barrels for discriminating shooters who demand the greatest degree of accuracy and long life from their Walther P99 amp PPQ pistols. 22 to . Out of stock. The Walther PPS is a very good gun and one I recommend to anyone needing a compact pistol for self defense. While it offers similar features to its predecessor the PPQ M2 was redesigned with an upgraded trigger grip and front slide serrations in addition to the rear. Jan 18 2017 The PPS M2 incorporates the ergonomic Walther grip similar to the style found on the PPQ with a texture that ensures a shooter has a good purchase on the pistol. It also shoots better and has a better trigger with shorter reset. A benefit that might solve that problem though is the fact that the Walther PPQ 45 weighs in at 1. 4 inch and the rimfire PPQ trigger has 0. The Walther Arms PPS Handgun Magazine is a authentic factory replacement mag so this is A true gentleman s gun the Walther PPK for sale is ideal for the lady as well with its easy to conceal sleek profile and simple operation. OP you and I have two nice handguns in the PPQ and G19. Walther PPS 9mm Black Concealed Carry Pistol 629. A Walther PPS M2 will point for me as will a Sig 320 with the right grip. Oct 09 2014 Verdict is in on HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ. about 1000 rounds . The PPS trigger after putting some rounds down range is comparable to a stock Glock trigger whereas the PPQ is well we all know how awesome the trigger is. The capacity is 15 rounds. Equpment I use to produce videos Camera 1 Nikon D5500 https amzn. 27 May 2020 We didn 39 t rank this list of Walther guns but the Walther PPQ would is a subcompact single stack for those who prefer them the Walther PPS nbsp 26 Jan 2018 The PPQ Sub Compact features the signature Walther ergonomics plus the fantastic Quick Defense trigger which has a 5. It then breaks at 5. May 26 2019 My neighbor had the Walther PPS M2 and while nice the trigger on it is nowhere near as nice IMO as on the larger PPQ M2. I think Walther took some things from the excellent PPQ and the M1 PPS to the newly revised PPS M2. REPAIR OF WALTHER PISTOLS 32 10. We offer match grade barrels for the entire line of P99 and PPQ pistols in standard threaded and ported variations. STORAGE 31 9. Quantity Buy now. To date I have fired a mixture of hollow and ball ammo totalling about 1500 rounds through the PPQ I have given up counting the number through the The PPQ has interchangeable backstraps but the Vp9 has interchangeable backstraps and side panels. 2 out of 5 stars 178 Walther PPS 9mm Black Concealed Carry Pistol 399. Since then we have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers. If you like what you see consider subscribing and there s more conten Oct 27 2015 My two CCW weapons are Walthers a 9MM PPQ M1 and a 9MM PPS single stack subcomact. Dec 27 2013 The PPQ also has a trigger safety and internal safeties as well as a loaded chamber indicator an oversize magazine release that can be reversed for left handed operation and of particular interest where performance is concerned Walther s Quick Defense Trigger a super smooth squeezing trigger with a light 5. Installation is a breeze with a quick release locking plate. We took a few minutes to discuss which Walther pistol they choose to carry and While we are extremely proud of the Walther PPQ trigger PolicePistolQuick nbsp 26 Feb 2013 Can someone give me a quick run down in the difference between the PPS PPQ and the PPX. 1 . I just pick up a Walther ppq that has the new Polygonal barrel like Glock would rather have the standard lands and groves. The Walther PPS M2 RMSc is a hot new entry into the red dot equipped EDC market. WARRANTY 33 35 Walther Arms has issued a voluntary recall for certain model numbers of its PPS M2 pistol. My PPQ always goes with me to the range along with one of my SIG P226s and my HK P30LS. com _a_Heg87 Support our efforts on The Walther PPS M2 is an nbsp 15 Mar 2018 In this Walther PPQ M2 Sub Compact review Ben Findley gives his usual details analytics of whether or not this is a viable concealed carry gun nbsp As far as felt recoil vs the PPQ I felt like the Sphinx maybe had slightly more but that could HK VP9 Walther PPS and second Walther PPQ. Today the innovative spirit builds off the invention of the concealed carry gun with the PPK series by creating the PPQ PPS and Q5 Match Steel Frame series. There are also some differences between the AS amp PPQ models when it comes to the trigger safety design. 45. I reviewed it in 2008 and found it 39 s accuracy to be passable but I did not care for the trigger grip angle contour or texture. The Glock 19 or 17 isn t even in the same league. Aside from the obvious redesign of the outside the PPS M2 does not require a specialized tool for takedown nor does it have the PPS Classic s under mounted rail section for mounting lights or lasers. 00 Swampfox Sentinel Micro Red LaserTac TM Rechargeable Laser Sight for Subcompact Pistols amp Compact Handguns with Rails Compatible with Springfield XD XD S XDM S amp W M amp P Beretta PX 4 Taurus Millenium Walther PPQ PPS PPX PK380 SR9C 4. COMMENTS. Jan 30 2016 Walther PPQ M1 vs. Jun 10 2019 The Walther PPQ is available in four different calibers and many different variants. Although I was handling an M amp P 2. 97 Belt Aholster Shootrite 84. The Tulster Profile is an inside the waistband holster designed to ride on the belt in several positions. We offer a wide selection of firearms including handguns shotguns rifles ammunition rifle scopes and optics as well as collectible machine guns and other NFA Class 3 guns. Caliber choices include . You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. The main objective difference between the two is size. Just my opinion. 1. May 27 2020 The first of the modern Walther guns was the Walther P99. Aholster IWB Exclusive Walther Firearms Offer 53. Walther Arms is known for their extraordinary pistol designs and the PPQ may just be their finest yet. Personally though I am not a fan of their newer CCP pistol nor their . An official press release reads as follows quot Walther Arms has identified a potential condition with the The particular pistol to which I refer is the Walther PPS which stands for Police Pistol Slim. The Creed pistol has a much nicer slide assembly drawing from Walther s flagship PPQ while maintaining the pre cocked hammer fired action of the PPX. Potentially Safer when it comes to unintentional discharges with a slightly heavier trigger trigger safety blade and rear striker indicator that protrudes out the back of the slide when the trigger is pulled allowing you to cover it with your thumb while Originally Walther planned to phase out the M1 in the US market but then folks started screaming that maybe they liked the paddle release better after all so the original 4 quot 9mm M1 was reinstated in the lineup officially called the quot PPQ Classic quot . After spending time shooting the PPQ SC Sub Compact I find it a lot like a medium size Labrador stoutly built tough and ready for anything and of the firm opinion that it is a big dog. This is a discussion on Verdict is in on HK VP9 vs Walther PPQ within the Guns forums part of the Gun Forum category I had a chance to finally fire my Walther PPQ today and shot it along side my HK VP9. 6 quot barrel that 39 s threaded at the muzzle for silencers sound suppressors muzzle brakes or other muzzle devices. For the last couple of years I 39 ve been carrying a Walther PPS with the paddle. Add to cart. The PPQ sight has a hole drilled in the bottom of the dovetail to accomodate the plunger on some models of the Walthers. 3 in. Compare the dimensions and specs of Walther PPQ SC and Heckler amp Koch VP9SK Apr 21 2017 Walther p99c H amp k VP9 sk Walther ppq sk CZ rami do everything your glock 26 can do and all have better trigger than glock and my p99c costed 367 dollars brand new out the door you can t find a used glock for this price unless it s beat to hell l am not knocking glock but my opinion is there are better choices at better prices and the Oct 27 2016 Walther Arms is launching a new polymer framed service pistol that bridges a gap in their lineup. Click on a term to search for related topics. With large size hands the P99C is significantly more comfortable. The PPQ is clearly the better lever. The PPQ Q5 Match SF MSRP 1 499 has just raised the bar on what a striker fired competition gun can be. The KH VP9 is slightly larger which accounts for it weighing just over 1 ounce more than the Walther PPQ. The T slot and dimensions of the PPS and PPQ are the same but Walther uses different retaining methods. The Walther PPQ has become a favorite competition pistol due to its reliability trigger and ergonomics. Which one comes out on top if any The Walther CCP hit the market hard and with much anticipation from the shooting community. 45 ACP 12 Round Magazine is the go to magazine that might be proven to give you the smoothest malfunction free reliability you can find in a magazine. They 39 re near as makes no difference the same size and weight. While this is nothing new for Walther it is still unexpected coming from such a small firearm. The PPS is extremely reliable and easy to shoot. Carrying a PPQ vs PPS M2 in summer Hi all After an incident this past weekend I 39 m finally over the edge on getting my concealed carry vs just keeping a handgun in the home and on the range. It 39 s still in production and it 39 s still a very good pistol with the outstanding ergonomics that Walther 39 s modern pistols are known for. The company is calling it the Creed pistol and it s part PPX and part PPQ. Now available in full Coyote Tan finish this new for 2019 model of the Walther Arms PPQ M2 is an attractive update to a workhorse pistol built right for personal defense competition use and Walther brought the PPS to market about 8 years ago. The Walther is not only taller and longer but it is also 30 percent wider as well. PPQ 22 models Walther PPS P99 and PPQ I wanted to take a stab at this topic. 2 quot Pistol 469 The PSS M2 is everything people look for in a compact single stack 9mm pistol. 22 LR 12 Rounds Stainless Steel 51060002 Walther PPQ M2 Walther PPS M2 8 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Steel Black Walther PPS M2 8 Round Walther Arms PPQ M2 is accepted as having one of the best striker fired semi automatic pistol triggers. PPQ stands for Police Pistol Quick Defense and this is in reference to the trigger design being single action only. 45 ACP combat tactical pistol with a . The . 25 which is more the same size as the PPQ and also has a trigger pull about the same. 40 S amp W. 40 magazines will give you 16 1. I have a PPS Classic and a PPS M2. 5 spring mod installed. Mar 03 2018 PPQ CO2 downrange vs. WARRANTY 33 35 My first Walther was a PPS paddle release in 9mm. Out of these the 9mm is by far the most popular option. Jun 25 2018 Walther uses the same slide for both 9mm and . 41 Reviews. 5. Walther will reportedly continue to offer the PPS Classic at least for the forseeable future. Jul 21 2017 walther ppq vs kimber walther pps m2 vs kimber micro 9 walther pps vs kimber micro carry forums. Sep 28 2011 At first glance you would think the Walther P99 and PPQ are the same gun but when you look closer the only things they really have in common are the way they fire with a striker their basic profile and their weight 1 lb. 6 lbs. You will find the PPQ chambered in 9mm . Mar 29 2016 This means that a fully loaded 1911 will weigh an extra . The trigger is the finest ever on a polymer striker fired handgun. Walther calls it the Quick Defense trigger system which was first seen on the P99QA. WALTHER PISTOL BARRELS. Concealed Carry Issues amp Discussions. 22LR 9mm . Browse a huge selection of Walther handguns including pistols from the PPK PPQ PPS CCP and Q series. If your inclination is 39 Yawwwwwn 39 when you see a review of a modern polymer striker fired pistol you aren 39 t alone. 22 caliber. May 23 2019 I have the PPS M2 and the P99c. Despite the 8 1 capacity and a great look and feel of the Walther CCP it had quite a few issues on the range . Walther refuses to update the PPS and some fanboys say that it is a perfect gun. The Sub Compact has all the attributes of the new Walther PPQ line. For the best concealed carry holsters in America look no further than CrossBreed Holsters for your Walther PPQ SC Jul 21 2018 After a visit to the Walther forums and feedback from you guys I decided to buy the Q5. The Walther Arms PPS Handgun Magazine is a authentic factory replacement mag so this is Jun 10 2019 The PPS is a great gun for CC. the 7 round magazines for the other two. My first experience with the PPQ yesterday 5 04 had me knowing I made the right purchase. CCP is a gas retarded blowback pistol with fixed barrel and a long reset trigger that isn t double action. The PPS M2 general ergonomic design shares similarities with the Walther PPQ M2 series. The Walther PPS M2 is known to be a reliable gun made by a reputable manufacturer. 19 Jun 10 2019 The PPS is a great gun for CC. The night sights are a real plus. I ll rank these holsters later but let s look at the top pick first. The CCP is not a quot true quot Walther but an Umarex design production quality isn 39 t as good as the Ulm Walthers P99 amp PPQ variants . Compare the dimensions and specs of Walther PPQ SC and Walther PPS M2. But no one has any. Translated this means its striker is fully cocked. walther pps vs walther ppx walther ppx walther ppx for sale at academy What a piece of engineering I own a M amp P Shield M amp P 9 fullsize Glock 36 and have fired both XDs and XDMs but none of these are in the same class as Walther 39 s PPQ. With all processes carried out by us we ensure precision and quality in every step of manufacturing. The rod is made of only the finest stainless steel material to replace the plastic factory rod. The Taurus PT111 Gen2 points for me like it was made for my hand. Guess depending on your size anything might work. Feb 10 2014 All three of these guns are basically the same size. Since then this firearms market has exploded. Thanks everyone for helping me spend money Feb 22 2019 Walther quietly makes some of the best striker pistols on the market as we will attest to in this Walther PPQ M2 review. Both Arsenal Democracy principles Dave Pavlick and James Pechi prefer the Walther PPQ M1 Classic over the HK VP9 due to the PPQ s superior trigger design and feel and what they believe to be superior quality of manufacturing. The HK offers better customization of the grip with variable side panels along with the back strap adjustments. 0 4 briefly and stupidly sold it because the grip isn t good for carrying IWB IMO. 5 out of 5 stars 27 27 product ratings Green Laser Sight for Walther CCP M2 P99 P99c PPX PK380 P22 PPQ quot PPS quot w RAIL The PPQ M2 is a true breakthrough in ergonomics for self defense handguns. Walther CCP M2 vs Walther PPS M2 with table and range shooting comparisons. Thanks for watching Be sure to leave a comment and a thumbs up if you like the video. The factory sights are basic Jul 05 2018 Walther PPS M2 Pros Proven Reliability with less issues than the p365. See full list on modernsurvivalonline. The PPS M2 LE is a striker fired pistol with a short smooth trigger pull and quick reset. The Tulster Profile. The only real difference in size was the fact that the PPS s standard magazine was a 6 round vs. ADJUSTING THE PISTOL 29 30 6. 00 If you had the Walther PPQ in thereit would give the G19 a real run for it 39 s money. Walther pistols P99 vs PPQ If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. For me the PPS does not make the ideal concealed carry pistol based on the magazine release. 0 I would choose the GLOCK 19 as the best overall performance of the three tested also because of the versatility and parts accessories support of the Glock pistols. 43 pounds. Well no it isn t. General Specs The Walther PPQ German Polizeipistole Quick Defence Police Pistol Quick Defence is a semi automatic pistol developed by the German company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Ulm for law enforcement security forces and the civilian shooting market as a potential replacement for the Walther P99. Walther Introduces the 5 inch PPQ M2 Standard Model for Duty Use. The Walther PPQ M2 is a full sized ergonomic semi auto pistol that points on target quickly and shoots fast making it an ideal personal defense handgun. Normally owners of Walther PPS M2 aim for a holsters that gives privacy protection and quick retention as the need arises. Apr 12 2018 No contest. As the first thing people notice when picking up a PPQ I want to begin with their outstanding ergonomic grips. If you like what you see consider subscribing and there s more conten amp nbsp Walther PPS Performance Pistol Parts. Find the Walther PPQ for sale along with Walther PPQ magazine Walther PPQ holster and other Walther PPQ accessories in calibers such as 45 ACP 9mm and 22 Long Rifle. For maximum versatility the PPQ SC comes with one 10 round magazine and one 15 round magazine. Walther PPQ Classic Black 9mm Centerfire Pistol 599. The calibers are. This is a stainless steel guide rod for a Walther PPQ M2 made out of 304 stainless steel. It is a REAL Walther too not an Umarex made thing like the CCP or the PK280. 22 LR 12 Rounds Stainless Steel 51060002 Walther PPQ M2 Walther PPS M2 8 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Steel Black Walther PPS M2 8 Round The Walther PPQ M2 . 23 Jan 2018 Sized perfectly between the PPQ and PPS M2 the PPQ SC features a barrel offering more velocity than the PPS M2 but more conceal ability nbsp 13 May 2012 PPQ has a more ergonomic grip better trigger and less recoil. There s more to like about Feb 10 2014 All three of these guns are basically the same size. Depending on which model you go with you get factory night sights as well. 45 ACP. PPQ M2 9mm . The first and only . Everyone is different size and likes different pistols. If you put the 7 round mag in the PPS it was slightly larger. What 39 s more the PPQ M2 has been updated with a new traditional reversible mag release button. The P99 has the same dimensions of the PPQ so it 39 s in that Goldilocks zone of quot big enough to be a service gun small enough to conceal. The one and only source of aftermarket barrels for the Walther line of pistols. 3 quot . 22 should I buy Jan 12 2017 The Walther Creed is the newest pistol that Walther has released onto the civilian market. 00 562. My M amp P Pro 4. I have a LCP and PPQ the lcp is carried on a ankle hoslter. Height 4. Walther PPS M2 9mm 3. Last but certainly not least among the latest Walther Arms pistols shown at SHOT Show 2018 like the Walther PPQ M2 SC Sub Compact and Walther PPS M2 SC with Shield RMSc DefenseReview DR got to view and handle the Walther PPQ 45 SD suppressed . PPS M2. If you look at the ratio of front sight height to back sight height between the stock sights and Trijicon HD 39 s it makes sense that these are going to hit low unless you raise your sight picture to now cover the POI. 366. The PPQ M2 is a true breakthrough in ergonomics for self defense handguns. They also prefer the design of its enlarged elongated sweep down ambi ambidextrous magazine release levers. 5 Jul 2018 Matthew does a head to head comparison on the Sig Sauer P365 VS the Walther PPS M2 9mm pistols. The Shield RMSc is already a popular option as a streamlined optic for skinnier guns. So thinking about a full size and PPS M2. 13 Dec 2019 We compare the Walther PPQ M2 9mm to it 39 s little brother the Walther PPQ M2 SC 9mm. It shoots well with pellets and BBs is well made and has a realistic look and feel. Jul 21 2018 After a visit to the Walther forums and feedback from you guys I decided to buy the Q5. It may resemble a Glock but Walther PPS M2 9mm 3. I 39 ll let the carry gun work itself out at another time. The included 15 round magazine has a grip extension sleeve that provides control and ergonomics similar to the full size PPQ. Jun 25 2018 Walther 39 s new PPQ Sub Compact packs a lot into a small package. He sold it and bought a P365. Walther released a PPS M2 that comes from The factory mulled and with a Shield RMSc red dot. The pistol that would come from this effort is the Walther PPQ 45. According to Walther grip circumference for all PPQ M2s is 5. Attached File Probably have a preference for the PPQ. P07 vs. Apr 14 2014 Walther PP vs. Just like its big brothers the Sub Compact s trigger pulls cleanly with very little stack at the front. I own a PPK S in . I opted to save about 60 and went with the standard PPS M2 package. There are plenty of Walther enthusiasts who can decode the details for you but the basic story is that the PP has a longer slide and barrel and a metal backstrap. PPS is a conventional short recoil pistol with a short reset trigger. Even though I slightly prefer the PPQ my Glock 19s will always be keepers and my most carried cool weather guns. It has a 3. Sep 05 2019 DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther P99 PPQ PPQ M2 Q4 Tac Q5 Match 1000034 2 of 4 images DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther PPQ . The sculpted grip meshes smoothly into the hand. TALON Grips for Walther PPQ M1 and M2. The mag spring on it seemed incredibly weak as well. The PPS M2 features a push button magazine release front and rear slide serrations and a redesigned grip. The result was the PPQ. Like most modern pistols the PPS M2 is equipped with three dot sights with a rear sight that is drift adjustable for windage although I have blacked out the rear dots with a sharpie for my evaluation . Walther pulled a demo model from their show displays and got it shipped out so I could use it in time for the World Speed Shooting Championship . I can say the same for the S amp W M amp Ps. I think the PPQ is better suited for competitive shooting scenarios with its consistent trigger pull while the P99 is better suited for actual concealed or duty carry. The Sig P320 is a decent gun but the PPQ is better in most respects. Walther Arms built these Magazines from steel machined to air tight tolerances ensuring proper function with each use. While the SC is bigger it s a 10 1 double stack and I shoot it better than the PPS. If I like the Walther a lot I may look at a PPQ SC or a PPS to replace my Shield down the road. When comparing the 9mm handguns available two models that always top the discussion are the Walther PPQ and the Glock 19. That excess weight is something to consider. It has the best trigger of any striker fired pistol and is lightweight accurate and perfectly reliable. I believe it 39 s made by Umarex in their Airgun factory in Arnsberg as opposed to the PPS which is made by Walther in Ulm. None of the pulls I tried got that high. 99 499. com to put this subcompact version through its paces. 578 28 threaded suppressor barrel 4. Dec 25 2018 Does the Walther PPS Classic still stack up Apr 30. 7 out of 5 stars 195. It simply doesn t work for me. 40 S amp W and . Now Walther is launching the PPS in M2 engineering with redesigned receiver and slide to suit the current Q line. 75 hard clip that can adjust anywhere from 15 to 15 and be reversed for left or right handed carry. Order yours today from Impact Guns for quick shipping a lifetime warranty on guns and low everyday prices Try a Walther PPQ for 30 days May 16 2018 I too have the PPQ M2. May 30 2012 the ppq is easier to shoot and has a bigger capacity than the pps but it isn 39 t quite as comfortable for all day carry as the pps. Include a spring for use with this extended magazine. 40 changing only barrel extractor and breechface adapter to the appropriate caliber. 92FS and the PPQ was easily the nbsp 1 Nov 2015 General Gun Discussion gt Walther PPQ M1 vs. The marketing on The PPQ in a way has set a standard for future developments of Walther pistols. Note the P99 is also available as a Compact model with a shorter grip and barrel with a 10 1 capacity for 9mm and 9 1 for . Mar 20 2018 Walther PPQ45 Build. It s an extremely well made gun with a reputation for refinement of fit and finish. 226 vs. A legacy of arms making combined with the fabled nbsp 26 Jul 2018 Shown above The Walther PPS M2 9 mm pistol is paired with a in some of Walther 39 s other striker fired guns like the PPQ but its trigger is nbsp 19 Sep 2017 M amp P Vs Glock 19 Vs Sig P320 Vs CZ P10C Vs PPQ Duration 46 40. The trigger travel is listed differently in the PPQ comprising 3 measurements taken at different stages of the trigger stroke but overall is approx . The Walther PPS M2 LE is a slim profile lightweight semi auto pistol that shoots hard hitting 9x19mm cartridges making it an ideal choice for concealed carry and personal defense. Presumably that 39 s for people who are wedded to the paddle release. All but a few go bang The PPQ uses a solid one piece machined locking block for their system. 2 quot Barrel 7 1 Black 2805961 . Mar 07 2016 Walther decided to take many of the best features from the P99 and build a pistol better suited for the commercial market. The polymer framed striker fired Walther PPQ for sale is leading the way in self defense handguns. Now available in full Coyote Tan finish this new for 2019 model of the Walther Arms PPQ M2 is an attractive update to a workhorse pistol built right for personal defense competition use and Walther PPQ IWB Holster The Walther IWB holster is pressure formed and CNC cut for precision. 45ACP Barrel 4. according to my Lyman scale. This is terrific to me because I actually like the PPX and fine the Creed to actually be a step up and in the right direction. The rimfire PPQ M2s have the trigger safety and the internal firing pin block. 0 5 and that felt really good. M2 I 39 ve owned a Walther PPQ M2 for about a year and a half and for the most part it is every bit the gun its proponents say it is. 10 Oct 2019 Walther PPS M2 Not quite PPQ good 5 980 views5. Mar 04 2016 That includes the Walther compact. The Walther PPQ is now a widely known and used pistol. Haven 39 t seen a 365 yet we have them on order but are still in a holding pattern on delivery. 6lbs. 2719 Hwy 11 E Jan 27 2020 The Walther PPS M2 comes from the factory in a hard plastic case with a 6rd magazine a 7rd magazine your cleaning utensils your regular paperwork obligatory gun lock and the gun itself. Walther has taken everything that is great with the PPQ pistol the ergonomics and the amazing trigger and built it into a steel frame competition gun. 22 full size or their Compact. Dec 21 2016 The PPS M2 incorporates the ergonomic Walther grip similar to the style found on the PPQ with a texture that ensures a shooter has a good purchase on the pistol. to 32d1Cv1 Go Pro 7 Bla I currently own a Walther PPQ Q5 Match. 380 a P22 a PPQ M2 in . The PPS M2 RMSc is a compact single stack 9 mm pistol meant for daily carry. The PPQ M2 9mm is a comfortable to shoot pistol that features 3 dot polymer sights a custom Picatinny rail a Quick Defense trigger with a smooth pull and short travel ergonomic grip with a comfortable cross directional surface front and rear slide serrations ambidextrous slide stop and Dec 28 2011 The PPQ has what Walther calls their Quick Defense trigger and is rated at 5. I had a 2. CZ 75 vs. It has all the things you need in a The Walther PP Polizei Pistole and PPK Polizei Pistole Kriminal from 1928 and 1931 rewrote handgun history as the world s first modern double action pistols to harmoniously blend safety with rapid deployment. They are both quality nbsp Results 1 16 of 278 This is a discussion on M amp P Shield 9mm vs Walther PPS M2 9mm 00 Set fits PPQ but is not adjustable DXT Big Dot Walther CCP PPS nbsp 11 Oct 2018 Maybe I just got a fluke but the PPS M2 trigger pinched my finger every time I shot it. The big story on the subcompact PPQ SC The PPQ SC is a scaled down version of Walther s popular full sized PPQ. 9K views. 8. 97 99. 32. 28 Jun 2017 The Walther PPS M2 is as close as you 39 ll find to an exception to that rule. Far less well known is the model quot SC quot or Sub Compact. It was originally designed for security forces law enforcement and civilians who carry firearms and the designers saw it as a possible replacement for their P99. com The Walther PPS quot Classic quot was one of the first polymer framed striker fired single stack 9mm . Jan 22 2018 Walther PPQ Sub Compact Pistol Left Side About Walther Arms Walther is the premier provider of personal protection and recreational firearms of various calibers ranging from . 25 is very accurate and has a trigger pull a little above 4 after shooting . Weighing in at only 24 ounces because of its sculpted polymer frame with a 15 round magazine capacity the compact sized 4 inch barreled 9mm PPQ M2 exudes German engineering and renowned Walther quality. Walther bills the PPQ 22 as quot the best of both worlds quot meaning PPQ ergonomics with . But the Kahr is the best trigger for the pocket carry. 99 Walther PPQ Classic Black 9mm Centerfire Pistol 649. Heck even the magazines cost about the same amount. PPK vs. vs Jul 21 2020 The following Walther PPQ and PPS models can be milled for Red Dot mounting The PPQ Series Polymer Frame Models Walther PPQ 4 and 5 Slide versions both 9mm . Our price 34. 26 pounds while a fully loaded PPQ 45 will weigh an extra . The Walther PPQ is one of the finest striker fired polymer handguns ever made. 25 inch 1000111 In this video we will do a size comparison between the P365 XL and the PPS M2. Even though the Walther triggers are great I still prefer my Sig 365 320 p238 and 938. 875 . com. 40 S amp W to 9MM conversion for the Walther P99 and PPQ 40. 6 pound trigger pull mine The Walther PPQ M2 is a full sized ergonomic semi auto pistol that points on target quickly and shoots fast making it an ideal personal defense handgun. 1 Magazine release 29 6. So which is right for you Again depends on a couple of things 1. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. 40 S amp W and a PPS M2 in 9mm. The Walther PPS M2 9mm that I bought had an issue of ejecting the mag all the way or popping it out just enough where it wouldn 39 t pick up another rd. True it has a heavy trigger no blowback action and it 39 s actually a copy of the Walther P99Q firearm not the PPQ as you might think from the name. Over two years ago we developed our Walther Conversion barrel. The Walther PPQ comes in several variations and is itself an evolution of the Walther P99. The XS F8 sight will fit in this channel but is not adjustable. You just have to try one. So naturally I 39 d gravitate to the 4 quot PPQ M2. 9mm magazines will give you 21 1 and . 99 Notify Me When Available Brand Walther PPQ M2 Magazine . 1lbs. Ergonomics Thanks for watching Be sure to leave a comment and a thumbs up if you like the video. The author s PPQ from the right. I like both guns generally prefer the VP9 as the trigger ergonomics seem to suit me a little better. walther pps vs ppq